The game

While our target audience are children who are learning to read and write, we designed the game to be enjoyable for everyone. The game features a non-violent and immersive experience about exploration and puzzle solving.

The game uses a point and click mechanic that enables you to interact with the different scenes in the game. The puzzels are not only designed to be fun and immersive but educational as well. Most puzzles are replayable and players will get rewarded for doing so.

Considering the main platform (iPad 2 and 3) we decided to make it as user friendly and accessible as possible for everyone: no awkward virtual joystick controls in our game.


• Story-driven singleplayer experience.
• Non-violent and educational.
• Set in the magical Alvergast IP.
• An exciting "open world" to discover.
• Stories based on old folklore.
• Amazing 3D graphics for iOS.
• 10 Unique environments to explore.
• Many characters to interact with.
• Gesture based gameplay.
• Fun varied puzzles.
• High replay value.


• Unity game engine.
• Gesture Recognition technology.
• Voice Recognition technology.


Alvergast are small human-like creatures, also know as "Alvermannekes" in old human folklore. They are very similar to elves, trolls and leprechauns. They have a celtic-like culture and live under an old oak. At night the Alvergast go outside and do chores in the 'human-world' when people are sleeping. In return these giants leave some food on the tables for the Alvergasts. While this pact works out great for both Alvergast and humans, Alvergast try to avoid contact with humans at all time.

In the game you follow one of these Alvergast, doing missions in the underground Alverworld and even in the dangerous human world, for the ancient king of the Alvergast: king Furisto.